Transmission Chamber Air Bleed Valve

PROBLEM SOLVED! How to Bleed Air, But Not Oil, From a Transmission Chamber

How can a valve allow air to bleed from a closed transmission chamber, and close when the chamber fills with oil?

Schrader Pacific was contacted by a manufacturer of automotive transmissions who needed to have a valve that passed air, but not oil, to increase transmission responsiveness. Schrader Pacific developed a patented check valve that would open, allowing air to bleed through, until coming into contact with the transmission oil. When the chamber fills with oil, the combination of oil pressure and fluid viscosity displaces the internal seal, providing a positive seal to the chamber. The valve components can be optimized to function for different levels of oil pressure and fluid viscosity.

Schrader Pacific continues to be active in developing specialty valve solutions for fast-emerging automotive drive systems. We are prepared to use our experience and knowledge of the engineering challenges in these systems for your challenges.


  • Improved system performance
  • Can be optimized for variable functionality
  • Innovative Schrader design

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