Air Bleed Valve (Air Release Valve)

An air bleed valve (air release valve) is used to release trapped air from a fluid system, such as a heat exchanger. Air may collect within a fluid system where the high point of the system is above the system fill port. Air bleed valves are added to the system at these high points to allow the trapped air to be exhausted. While some fluid systems may flush the air pocket away without causing performance issues, this volume of air remains in the system. If not bled, the system will not have the correct fill volume of liquid. In some cases, the air will become trapped in a location that cannot be vented, which can cause performance issues. Trapped air within a radiator/heat exchanger means that no water will circulate in that portion, reducing heat transfer capacity. Air bubbles freely circulating in a fluid system may cause pump cavitation, leading to premature pump failure.

Schrader Pacific continues to develop specialty valve solutions for fluid systems. We are prepared to use our experience and knowledge of these systems to help our customers overcome their unique challenges.


  • 1/8ʺ-27 NPTF 10 mm hex
  • Length: 0.750 (approximately)
  • With or without Dri-Seal thread sealant
  • Leak test at 50 psi
  • Pin installation torque: 25 ± 5 in-lbs


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