Thermally Actuated Relief Device

PROBLEM SOLVED! How to Protect a Flammable Gas Storage System From Thermal Excursions

Schrader Pacific was contacted by several manufacturers of storage vessels for flammable gas needing a thermal relief device (TRD) for safety in the event of fire. These TRDs are required by regulations intended to reduce the potential hazard of vessel explosion.

Schrader Pacific has developed several unique TRDs for vessels ranging from 1-liter hydrogen storage canisters to 350-gallon CNG tanks, with storage pressures from 5 bar to 700 bar. The TRDs are available in several designs, depending on the application, including an innovative patented TRD for small hydride canisters and pressure-balanced TRDs for extreme pressure applications. Some TRDs are integrated with pressure relief valves (PRV) in a single body for applications requiring protection against both thermal and pressure episodes.

Schrader Pacific continues to be active in developing specialty valve solutions for protecting flammable storage containers against high-temperature and high-pressure episodes. We are prepared to use our experience and knowledge to meet your engineering challenges.

Thermal Relief Valve for 1-liter hydrogen tank to 350 gallon CNG tank


  • Innovative design
  • Broad application
  • High Pressure
Thermal Relief Valve for 1-liter hydrogen tank to 350 gallon CNG tank

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