Portable Nail Gun Metering Valve

PROBLEM SOLVED! How to Meter a Precise Fuel Charge

How do you meter a precise fuel charge to a cordless nail gun? Schrader Pacific was contacted by the manufacturer of a cordless nail gun who needed a special valve that would deliver a precise charge of fuel into the combustion chamber with each trigger pull.

Schrader Pacific produced a microvalve assembly with interconnected inlet and outlet valves enclosing a precise charge chamber. With every pull of the trigger, the normally-open inlet valve closes, and the normally-closed outlet valve opens, allowing the fuel charge to enter the combustion chamber. When the trigger is released, the outlet valve closes, and the gun fires. The inlet valve then reopens, filling the charge chamber for the next shot. This design was available in several versions with different combustion chamber volumes for different nail gun models.

Schrader Pacific continues to be active in developing specialty valve solutions for many unique systems. We are prepared to use our experience and knowledge of the engineering challenges in these systems for your challenges.


  • Microvalve assembly
  • Interconnected inlet and outlet valves enclosing a precise charge chamber
  • Trigger actuated
  • Developed multiple versions for multiple models

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