Hydride Canister Valve

How do you safely charge, contain and dispense hydrogen gas from a metal hydride container? In 2005, Schrader, now Schrader Pacific was contacted by a hydrogen fuel cell manufacturer that needed to store and use hydrogen gas for their consumer-oriented PEM fuel cell. No valve standard had been approved for this application.

Schrader Pacific Engineering went to work. The application required a unique quick-connect flow shutoff valve, a pressure relief valve, and a thermal relief valve, all isolated from the hydride material by a fine filter since metal hydride is flammable in air. Working with the appropriate industry standards organizations, Schrader Pacific created two new classes of relief devices, the first of their kind. One of the devices integrates both pressure and thermal relief to minimize size, cost, and assembly complexity.

The new valve was integrated in a small canister head and was completely assembled and verified at Schrader Pacific for pressure integrity and function. Schrader Pacific continues to be active in developing svalve solutions for industrial and automotive applications. We are prepared to use our experience and knowledge to meet your challenges.


  • Innovative Hydrogen Dispensing Valve
  • Quick connect
  • Pressure and thermal relief valve
  • Verified for integrity and function

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