Custom Automation - Fuel Control Valve

Schrader Pacific has partnered with customers to produce high-volume, fully automated complex assemblies utilizing our in-house design and automation group to assemble and test our customers’ products comprising multiple variants and components. Our automated assembly and testing may include processes such as welding, force measurement, leakage, flow, positional measurement, robotic assembly, vision measurement, laser marking, automated pick-and-place packaging, and part variant identification.

Schrader Pacific will also manufacture, source, and procure components/materials required to meet contractual delivery schedules.

Collaborated with the customer to:

  • determine the most efficient automated production method
  • automate in-line quality checks

Pictured to the right is a module for a solenoid-operated idle-speed control valve

Need a Valve?

Schrader Pacific Advanced Valves is here to assist with questions about valve development and manufacturing or standard valve product applications. Standard products can be sourced from any of our distributors.