Compressor Control Valve

Schrader Pacific was contacted by an AC compressor manufacturer that needed a valve to modulate scroll compressor capacity based on the vehicle-cooling load. While piston compressors can adjust piston stroke to adjust for system needs, scroll compressors have no similar mechanical arrangement so do not have the ability to alter capacity based on need.

Schrader-Pacific Engineering developed a spool-style control valve that works with a capacity bypass port to affect capacity variation. The spool valve responds to low side pressure variations to adjust discharge flow, bypassing various amounts of compressor capacity to reduce compressor output and energy consumption. The spool valve incorporates an internal absolute pressure reference to assure consistent regulation. This valve can be produced with various calibrations depending on the system configuration.

Schrader-Pacific continues to be active in developing specialty valve solutions for fast-emerging automotive AC systems. We are prepared to use our experience and knowledge of the engineering challenges in these systems for your challenges.


  • AC compressor valve
  • Modulates capacity based on load
  • Adjusts to low-side pressure variations
  • Reduces energy consumption

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