Diesel Fuel Pressure Regulators

The Schrader Pacific Next-Generation Fuel Pressure Regulator is an innovative new design that provides stable and consistent fuel pressure control in a small, easy-to-package size. The regulator is available in calibrations from 50 kPa to 800 kPa and will provide quiet and repeatable fuel pressure regulation for flow from 2 to 600 LPH. The patented NO LEAK seal assures the integrity of fuel pressure for stop-start applications. With over 100 million Schrader Pacific Next-Generation Fuel Pressure Regulators in service worldwide, this regulator has revolutionized automotive fuel pressure regulation.


Schrader Pacific uses a computer-managed automated assembly process that is designed and manufactured in-house to provide the highest possible efficiency with 100% testing to ensure ZERO-defect products to our customers.

Key Application Parameters
1. Calibration Pressure: 250 kPa to 750 kPa
2. Calibration Tolerance: +/- 2% (8 kPa min)
3. Calibration Flow: 20 LPH to 100 LPH
4. Fuel Flow Control Rate: 2 LPH to 600 LPH
5. Minimum Control Flow Rate: 2 LPH
6. (Deviation from) Linearity Maximum: 2%
7. Fuels: Worldwide Gasoline and Diesel

Need a Valve?

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