A/C Plastic Line Charge Valves

The automotive industry continues to explore and innovate new solutions for a better product. Schrader Pacific engineering is here to support and foster that mindset. There is an initiative inspired by OEMs to consider plastic replacement of metal lines in mobile air conditioning systems. Enough challenges exist for Tier 1 line suppliers to consider plastic, which is where Schrader Pacific comes in with the support you need to develop system access for plastic lines. Schrader Pacific is the world leader in mobile A/C system access design and manufacture.

Our position is, “Why change what already works?” Our charge valve designs include 25 years of proven performance in service. Therefore, instead of changing the charge valve design, Schrader Pacific is innovating the connection of our proven charge valve to the plastic line.

We have considered the possibilities for plastic line system access, and through discussions with industry-leading Tier 1 customers, we are pursuing the development of several designs in parallel. We do not want to force a single design upon our customer, but instead, wish to discuss your specific application with you and arrive at the best solution together.


Need a Valve?

Schrader Pacific Advanced Valves is here to assist with questions about valve development and manufacturing or standard valve product applications. Standard products can be sourced from any of our distributors.