Low Side Service Ports

The low-side service port is a quick-connect fitting that provides access to the low-pressure side of the A/C system. This port is used to evacuate and fill the A/C system in-service conditions, although sometimes the A/C system is evacuated and/or filled from the low-side service port in the assembly plant.

When used for assembly plant evacuation, the low-side port most often utilized is the Schrader Pacific “M8” (8 mm) valve core. Smaller valve cores, such as the JRA core or standard core, may be used in this application if this fitting is not used for assembly plant evacuation. The port exterior design specified by SAE J639 provides for different configurations for each refrigerant.

Remember that the service port is half a mated pair, working in coordination with our valve core. Our valve cores are designed, validated, and manufactured for optimal performance with our service ports. Refer to the technical information on our valve core page and in our valve brochures.


The low-side service port consists of a mated pair: a valve core and low-side housing. Our valve cores are designed, validated, and manufactured for optimal performance with our housings. Please see our valve core section and brochure.

  • Meets SAE J639 specifications
  • Available for high-side and low-side
  • New elastomers designed specifically for HFO-1234-YF and its new oils
  • Engineered for minimum permeation loss
  • High-side valves engineered for maximum flow and fill rates
  • Validated against the most severe service conditions
  • Target 15 year life
  • Meets OE performance specifications
  • Production and prototypes available

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