A/C Valve Cores

A valve core is a spring-actuated cartridge-type check valve assembly that screws into a mating threaded cavity (housing).

Valve cores have a soft elastomeric seating washer and an extended actuation shaft. When the actuation shaft is depressed, it forces the pin to move off the valve core’s housing seat, allowing flow to pass through the valve. An internal spring allows the valve core to re-close when the actuation shaft is released. The core assembly has an external fluoropolymer static seal to prevent leakage between the valve core and the mating cavity it screws into.

There are a number of options for customers wishing to purchase valve cores in both the OEM and aftermarket sectors, as shown in the product part table on page 5 and “Selecting a Schrader Pacific Valve” on page 8 of the valve core brochure which can be downloaded using the link at right.

Most Schrader Pacific valves have threads and bodies with a standard exterior size, allowing for use of universal caps and tools. A Schrader Pacific valve can be used to control air, nitrogen, R12, R22, R134a, R1234yf, Halon, SF6, and many other fluids.

The valve core is one-half of a mated pair that works in collaboration with either our high-side charge or low-side A/C service port housings. Schrader Pacific valve cores are designed, validated, and manufactured for optimal performance with our charge and service ports. Please see the valve core page and valve core downloads for more information.


  • Our high-flow valve cores’ unique design provides two O-rings for a dual seal
  • Schrader Pacific manufactures all valve core designs and sizes specified by OEMs
  • Schrader Pacific offers the world’s largest range of valve core styles and options


Need a Valve?

Schrader Pacific Advanced Valves is here to assist with questions about valve development and manufacturing or standard valve product applications. Standard products can be sourced from any of our distributors.