A/C Pressure Relief Valves

Schrader Pacific’s Air Conditioning Pressure Relief Valve “Mini PRV” is used on the air conditioning compressor or the fluid transport line attached to the compressor. Schrader Pacific’s A/C PRVs are manufactured in a fully automated assembly cell with multiple quality assurance stations to assure that the assembly process maintains the level of quality and capability required. Each A/C PRV is calibrated to the customer’s specific set-point requirement, and every A/C PRV is tested for opening pressure, closing pressure, and leakage. The unique sealed tube packaging assures that the A/C PRV will arrive at its global destination clean and free of shipping damage. Standard opening pressure calibrations range from 350 to 600 psi with a typical tolerance of ±25 psi. Opening pressure calibrations from 125 to 1100 psi are available for special applications.

Schrader Pacific manufactures approximately 15 million A/C PRVs in the US each year, and the 300 million A/C PRVs in service will attest to the capability and reliability provided by this product. The Schrader Pacific A/C PRV is designed to meet the requirements of SAE J639 and the A/C PRV performance specification of every automotive OEM. The Schrader Pacific A/C PRV is available in either brass or aluminum construction to meet the various requirements of our customers.

AC Pressure Relief Valve


Our unique calibration process allows very high CPK values for accurate set points. The small size of the Schrader Pacific PRV offers a cost-effective, lightweight solution for demanding mobile A/C systems. Both side and top vent designs are available with a variety of O-ring materials.

  • Fully Adjustable Opening and Closing Pressure
  • Narrow Opening – Closing Range
  • +/- 15 PSI to the Mean; 2.0 + Cpk
AC Pressure Relief Valve


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