Supplier Info

Interested in becoming a supplier to Schrader Pacific Advanced Valves?

Download our Supplier Quality Manual (SQM) [PDF], which details the Schrader Pacific Advanced Valves general policies and outlines the minimum quality requirements, which the supplier shall establish, document, and implement, in order to become an approved supplier. The requirements in the manual are provided as a supplement and do not replace or alter the terms or conditions contained within Schrader Pacific Advanced Valves purchase order documentation, engineering drawings, and/or specifications.

The Schrader Pacific Advanced Valves Supplier Quality Manual applies to suppliers of production parts, materials, and/or services (heat treating, painting, plating, or other finishing services) to the business units of Schrader Pacific Advanced Valves in accordance with our requirements. Suppliers will, as deemed necessary by Schrader Pacific Advanced Valves Purchasing, receive an uncontrolled copy of this document. This manual applies to all suppliers of production materials or services that contribute directly to the products manufactured and/or sold by Schrader Pacific Advanced Valves, Altavista, VA, USA.

Interested in becoming a supplier to Schrader Pacific?

Please contact:
Dave Berg, C.P.M.
Director of Purchasing and Logistics
205 Frazier Road
Altavista, Virginia, 24503 USA