Product Engineering

With extensive experience engineering innovative valve products for the global automotive and industrial products industries, Schrader Pacific’s product engineering team has collaborated in the development of numerous innovative fluid systems. From simple system access valves to complex high-precision calibrated regulators and relief devices, there are no challenges too great for Schrader Pacific’s product engineering team.

The Schrader Pacific Integrated Product Development System brings the most cost-effective and capable solution to fruition in the least time. Using the most appropriate CAE tools to engineer new products, the Schrader Pacific product development team will manage the development program from engineering to launch. The use of solid modeling allows rapid FEA and CFD optimization with rapid prototyping available where appropriate to evaluate assembly and fit requirements. New product models are used to produce prototype samples, which can be thoroughly evaluated with verification testing in our test laboratory. This laboratory is fully equipped to conduct application replicate testing for a broad range of product areas, testing with numerous refrigerants, a global variety of specialized fuel blends, and flammable gases, including hydrogen testing up to 1000 bar.

Do you have a fluid system problem that requires a novel valve solution? Contact us, and let Schrader Pacific’s product development team bring our broad experience in creating innovative new valve concepts to your challenge.

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