Markets Served

Schrader Pacific supports global industry with custom-engineered valve solutions that reduce emissions and bolster efficiency.

Global OE automotive and industrial manufacturers and aftermarket distributors

Schrader Pacific delivers customer-driven innovation to a diverse spectrum of industries and applications—from automotive to industrial production and manufacturing, including off-road and heavy-duty equipment, marine, agriculture, aerospace, oil and gas and consumer products —delivering high-quality valve solutions that perform.

Large Aircraft


Diverse aircraft applications, including commercial and military


Combines, harvesting equipment, tractors, cultivators, tillers, fertilizers, spreaders, pickers, irrigation systems, backhoes, and front-end loaders


Personal vehicles, vans, trucks, SUVs, hybrids, race cars, aftermarket service and repair centers, OEM assembly lines
Energy Market


Extraction, coal, natural gas, nuclear, hydroelectric, solar heating
Heavy Duty and Off Road

Heavy-Duty & Off-Road

Diggers, extractors, excavators, scrapers, back-hoes, front-end loaders, dumpers, shovels, off-highway trucks
Manufacturing and Production

Manufacturing & Production

All types of production and manufacturing equipment, including assembly lines, pressure vessels, high-pressure accumulators, conveyor lines, HVAC equipment, heat pumps, and central heating systems


Marine fleets, boats, cargo ships, passenger and cruise ships, dock environments, pleasure craft, and fishing boats
Medical Science


Air and fluid control systems, in-room patient air systems, hospital and laboratory monitoring equipment


Extraction and excavation equipment, bulldozers, diggers, scrapers, backhoes, front-end loaders, dumpers, and mining equipment
Motorcycle and ATV

Motorcycles & ATV

Motorcycles, sport-racing/motocross, cruisers, mopeds, and scooters
Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas

Extraction, oil/gas platforms and rigs, pumps, pipelines


Passenger and freight trains
Truck and Bus

Truck & Bus

Personal trucks, light-, medium-, and heavy-duty trucks, school buses, coach/travel buses, city transit buses