Automation and Assembly

Automation & Assembly

Providing the most cost-effective solutions for assembling, calibrating, and testing high-quality products for our customers requires the use of state-of-the-art automated assembly processes. For many years, Schrader Pacific has maintained an in-house machine development group that has enabled us to construct assembly equipment uniquely engineered for each application. Whether the program requires simply the assembly of one product, complex calibration with fluid flow, or flexible assembly of families of parts, Schrader Pacific has the experience and knowledge to develop the optimal process.

Recognizing that production cost must be minimized to maintain competitiveness, Schrader Pacific assembly processes are optimized for maximum throughput. Depending on the complexity of the product, precision assembly cycle times as low as 1 second can be accommodated with calibration and testing processes optimized for cycles as fast as 3 seconds. Flexibility for multiple products within a family can be accommodated with fully programmable controls with automatically adjustable machine functions.

To be successful, products must be defect free as well as cost-effectively produced. Schrader Pacific integrates multiple assembly checks and product tests within the machine cycle, verifying that every product meets customers’ critical performance parameters.

Schrader Pacific brings low processing cost and world-class quality to our customers’ applications.