Manufacturing Capability

When specialized automated assembly of precision products is required, think Schrader Pacific.

Schrader Pacific employs high-speed precision, multi-spindle machining, and fully automated, custom-built assembly cells at our Altavista, Virginia manufactuing facility.

Schrader Pacific products are manufactured at our facility in Altavista, Virginia. Our world-class manufacturing processes have been developed to manufacture Schrader Pacific’s products on high-volume and fully automated processes, utilizing only the highest-quality inputs and state-of-the-art equipment.

At Schrader Pacific, quality means defect-free. Quality assurance checks are built into each key stage of the manufacturing process. The manufacturing processes are operated by experienced, highly skilled Schrader Pacific associates, managed within the Schrader Quality System, a TS IATF 16949 certified system. The production team is supported by extensive automated process control and quality checks with feedback control, assuring that every Schrader Pacific product will meet our customers’ expectations of the highest quality and reliability.

Schrader Pacific’s experience and capability is available to provide value through high-quality, cost-effective contract manufacturing. Our extensive experience building custom high-speed precision assembly cells has provided a valuable option for production of specialized products on integrated assembly and test machines in volumes up to millions per year. When specialized automated assembly of precision products is required, think of Schrader Pacific.

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