Automotive OE

Since the beginning of the automotive industry, Schrader, now Schrader Pacific, has been on the ground floor in the development of new products. From the first valve core for tires through the latest innovations in fuel pressure regulation, Schrader has led the way in creating cost-effective and reliable products used in almost every fluid system in the automotive market.

The first snap-in tire valve, the first primary seal AC charge valve, the first Mini AC PRV, the first positive stop AC valve core, the first valve core for fuel and flex-fuel applications, a convertible top PRV, a four-wheel-drive safety solenoid valve, hydrogen storage tank valving, the diesel fuel primer valve assembly, the fuel PRV and fuel pressure regulator, the fuel check valve, and the shock absorber dampening valve are some of the innovations that Schrader Pacific has developed over the years.

For your next fluid system control device, contact the team at Schrader Pacific Advanced Valves for your build-to-print or product design and development requirements.