Solution Description: Industrial manufacturing is a broad end-market that encompasses the use of machinery and people to produce and distribute a diverse global set of goods and services. Commonly, industrial manufacturing & production processes take raw materials through a manufacturing process for finished goods that are then transported, delivered, utilized, and ideally recycled. Industrial manufacturing & production equipment can be found in production processes for chemicals, engineering, food and beverage, industrial design, metalworking, plastics, telecommunications, textiles, paper, plant and factory equipment, outdoor power equipment, conveyors, robotics, among many others. Schrader Pacific enables OEM and replacement customers in this segment with a variety of standard and custom-designed valve and sensing products that ensure safety, application uptime, peak performance and reliability.

Key Applications: All types of production and manufacturing equipment including assembly lines, conveyor lines, HVAC equipment, heat pumps, central heating systems, and many more.

Schrader Pacific Product Content: Pressure relief valves, burst valve devices, CO2 subcritical (50 bars) and transcritical (150 bars) products, high pressure fluids valves & quick connectors, tank valves, valve cores, housings, caps, high pressure valves and custom-engineered valve assemblies.