Solution Description: Today’s energy market seeks to power global communities, resources, and applications in the most cost-effective and efficient means possible. The cost, management, and conservation of energy play a critical role for citizens and governments in all countries. The energy end-market comprises all elements of extraction, refinement, production, and distribution of diverse energy types including fuel, electric, nuclear, hydroelectric power, wind, solar, alternative fuels, and renewable energies. Schrader Pacific’s highly engineered valve designs can be found in many of the leading applications within the global energy segment.

Key Applications: Wind turbines, extraction, coal, natural gas, nuclear, water (dams), hydro-electrical or solar heating.

Schrader Pacific Product Content: Expansion tank valves, high pressure valves, natural compressed gas valves & quick connectors, hydraulic pressure accumulator charging valves, nuclear charging valves, solar heating venting valves, thermal/pressure relief valves.