Air Conditioning Primary Seals

Air Conditioning charge application

Air Conditioning PRV

Schrader Pacific’s mini-PRV is used on the air conditioning compressor or fluid transport line attached to the compressor.

Air Conditioning Valve Cores

Air conditioning valve cores are offered in a variety sizes to meet the unique OEM requirements for fill time at the assembly plant.

Clamp-in Tire Valves

High-pressure tire valves

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Diesel Fuel Valves

Priming valve for diesel fuel system

Fuel Pressure Regulator

Fuel system pressure regulation

Fuel/Check Valve Assemblies

Fuel pump/modules forward flow check valve

High Pressure Valves

High Pressure Valves & Connectors

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HVAC Valve Housings

Charge and service valve housings

No Lead Tank Valves

The Schrader Pacific no-lead tank valve assembly is in legislative compliance with California AB1953 and Vermont Act 193.

Solenoid Valves

The Schrader Pacific solenoid valve is a customer-specific design based on exacting performance and design requirements.

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Tank Valves

Precision manufactured housings, valve cores and caps

Tire Valve Extensions

Tire valve extensions are made in various styles to fit all types of standard tire valves.

TPMS OEM Sensor Assemblies (Housings)

A precision machined Aluminum tire valve stem with over-molded plastic housing.

Tubeless Tire Valves

Tire valves for higher pressure vehicle applications

Valve Cores

Schrader Pacific valve cores are offered in a variety of sizes to meet the unique requirements for system access and flow rates.