Valve Cores

Schrader Pacific offers valve cores in a variety of sizes to meet the unique requirements for system access and flow rates. For years Schrader Pacific has provided a variety of seal materials for the wide range of standard fluid systems, and also offers plenty of options for new system applications.

For refrigerant systems, Schrader Pacific offers a variety of seal materials for compatibility with the specific refrigerant and refrigerant oils in each system.  At Schrader Pacific, we test our valve cores in a range of refrigerants and refrigerant oils, and have found that certain POE and PVE refrigerant oils are not compatible with some seal materials. Be sure to contact your local Schrader Pacific representative to discuss the refrigerant oil in your application, so that we can make sure the seal material is fully compatible. 

For automotive refrigerants, Schrader Pacific recommends using a standard valve core only on the-low pressure side only, and the larger JRA, 8mm, or 10mm core on the high-pressure side. 

Note: Due to the variety of operating conditions or applications, the customer is responsible to perform their own testing to insure performance, safety and warning requirements for the intended application.

Features Set
  • Our high-flow valve cores’ unique design provides two O-rings for a dual seal
  • Schrader Pacific manufactures all valve core designs and sizes specified by OEMs
  • Schrader Pacific offers the world’s largest range of valve core styles and options
Value Proposition
  • Manufacture of valve cores is fully automated, and all Schrader Pacific valve cores are 100% leak-tested
  • Our fully automated manufacturing allows us to offer zero-defect products
  • Manufacturing and technical support located entirely in North America
Technical Specifications
  • Extensive validation testing to specific OEM requirements including thermal cycling, impulse, and compatibility
  • Meets requirements for a variety of refrigerant types in automotive, commercial, and residential applications
  • Custom validation available