Tubeless Tire Valves

Schrader Pacific was founded in 1844 when August Schrader opened a brass machine shop in New York. He went on to invent the standard valve core still used in today’s tire valves. The tubeless tire valve, also known as a Snap-In valve, was invented and patented by Schrader Pacific in 1951. The Schrader Pacific-branded valve is manufactured with ethylene propylene (EPDM) rubber, which features superior resistance to heat, ozone, and automotive fluids.

Note: Due to the variety of operating conditions or applications, the customer is responsible to perform their own testing to insure performance, safety and warning requirements for the intended application.

Components: Valve stem, rubber over-molding, valve core, cap.

Features Set
  • Original inventor with over 60 years’ manufacturing experience
  • Certified traceable materials
Value Proposition
  • Use of 100% EPDM rubber compound to meet heat resistance and ozone requirements
  • Use of superior materials provides superior product performance
  • Schrader Pacific’s reliable performance has led to brand-name recognition throughout the industry
  • Schrader Pacific recognizes that tire valves are identified as a safety item by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
Technical Specifications
  • Designed to meet or exceed OEM requirements
  • Meets Tire & Rim standards
  • Meets ETRTO, JATMA, and SAE standards