Tire Valve Extensions

Tire valve extensions are made in various styles to fit all types of standard tire valves. They are used to facilitate air service where wheel, rim, brake and other mounting conditions prevent ready access to the valve. They extend the valve mouth to the desired position for inflating, gauging, and deflating operations. They do not contain an air sealing valve core. A special plunger pin called an extension core contacts the valve core in the standard valve. The extensions fit the regular cap (.302”-32) threads at the mouth of the valve. A washer acts as a seal between the valve mouth and then extension.

Features Set
  • Extends the valve mouth to desired position for inflating, gauging and deflating operations
  • Facilitates air service when conditions prevent access to valve
Value Proposition
  • Schrader Pacific valve extensions provide a seal against contaminants while extending the valve mouth for convenient access
  • Various styles available to fit all types of standard valves
Technical Specifications
  • Fits standard .305-32" valve cap threads
  • Maximum operating pressure, 150 psi