Air Conditioning PRV

Schrader Pacific’s Air Conditioning Pressure Relief Valves (PRV) are used on the air conditioning compressor or the fluid transport line attached to the compressor. Schrader Pacific PRVs are manufactured on a fully automated assembly machine with multiple poke-yokes. Each PRV is calibrated to the customer’s specific set-point requirement, and 100% tested for opening pressure, closing pressure, and leakage. We manufacture approximately 15 million PRVs each year, and have shipped over 200 million since product introduction. PRVs are designed to meet every OEM performance specification. Our brass construction allows Schrader Pacific PRVs to meet all automotive performance requirements after salt-spray exposure, and our unique packaging protects threads and O-rings during shipment.

Note: Due to the variety of operating conditions or applications, the customer is responsible to perform their own testing to insure performance, safety and warning requirements for the intended application.

Features Set
  • Compact design, and unique protective shipping dunnage
  • Our unique calibration process allows very high CPK values for accurate set points
  • Side and top vent designs available, and a variety of O-ring materials
Value Proposition
  • Small size delivers a cost-effective, light weight design
  • Our fully automated manufacturing allows us to offer zero-defect products
  • Each valve’s opening set point is calibrated and verified before shipment
Technical Specifications
  • Standard opening pressures from 350 to 600 psi, with a typical tolerance of ±25 psi
  • Opening pressures from 125 to 1100 psi available for special applications
  • Meets OEM validation requirements. Contact Schrader Pacific for specific requirements.