Schrader Pacific Design Process

Customer Initiation & Concept Review

  • Schrader Pacific cross-functional team formed

Program Definition & Planning

  • Customer design intent, goals and specifications review
  • Product and process assumptions, reliability studies

Milestone: Program Approval & Customer Sign-Off 

Product Design & Development Verification

  • Design FMEA
  • Engineering, Manufacturing & Assembly validation

Milestone: Prototype Built Process 

Design & Development Verification

  • Pre-Launch Control Plan created

Milestone: Pilot Program Built 

Product & Process Final Verification

  • Manufacturing, Final Validation Testing, Packaging

Milestone: Product Launch 

Feedback Loop & Ongoing Analysis

  • Customer Satisfaction review

Designing With Schrader Pacific

Ready to start designing with Schrader Pacific? Have an application, concept, or specifications you need help with? Our team of highly-skilled engineers and designers stand by to assist you from initial concept stage through to final manufacturing.
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