Schrader Pacific is part of the Pacific Industrial groups of Pacific Industrial Co Ltd. We are part of a global group of 3800 employees in 7 countries. Pacific Industrial Co Ltd is a global specialized manufacturer of technology, automotive, and electronic mechanical products.

Schrader Pacific is a manufacturer and developer of precision fluid control devices (valves) for automotive and industrial applications. Schrader Pacific will also custom design and validate products for specific applications. In addition, Schrader Pacific will manufacture from a provided print.

Schrader Pacific is a valve pioneer that delivers innovative solutions customers can trust because Schrader Pacific provides the vision, engineering strength, and collaboration customers need.

Be part of our team. We are a leading-edge employer with many diverse opportunities to grow and evolve your career path. At Schrader Pacific, we are an Equal Opportunity Employer, and foster an environment of performance, dignity, respect and open communications.


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We offer numerous and unique roles within the different disciplines and functional areas such as:

  • Engineering (Research & Development, Product/Application, Automotive & Industrial)
  • Finance / Accounting (General & Cost)
  • Manufacturing (Business Unit Managers, Supervision, Quality Engineers, Human Resources, Health Safety & Environmental)
  • Manufacturing –Plant (Machinists, Assembly Operators, Inspectors, Fork Lift Operators)
  • Sales & Marketing (Direct Sales, Product Marketing)


As a Global Manufacturer

  • We will endeavor to develop and enhance technologies and to supply high quality products in response to the needs of customers.
  • We value our employees as our essential family members and pledge to provide a place where they enjoy working and creating.
  • We will continue to contribute to society, confirming our role in the world as an excellent company as well as an environmentally conscious company.